A simple Arduino library that retrieves live stock prices from www.robinhood.com in JSON format and processes it for ESP8266. In one example, we demonstrate a whole bunch of stock prices scrolling through a dot-matrix display.

Github: debsahu/RobinhoodAPI

An Arduino library to talk to Robin Hood using non-documented Rest API made for ESP8266. Some unofficial documentaion by @sanko is available at here]

Using the Library

  • Download this GitHub library.
  • In Arduino, Goto Sketch -> Include Library -> Add .ZIP Library… and point to the zip file downloaded.
  • Install ArduinoJSON (mandatory: Reply from RobinHood is JSON) using the same process.

To use in your sketch include these lines.

#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <RobinhoodAPI.h>

Declare WiFiClientSecure and pass it to RobinhoodAPI.

String fp_robinhood_042018 = "8F C1 46 FB 19 0A 16 FF F7 D1 E6 48 5C 74 54 0E 00 FF 36 A6"; // update with latest fp from https://www.grc.com/fingerprints.htm

WiFiClientSecure sclient;
//RobinhoodAPI rh(sclient);                     // Declare API with no fingerprint check!
RobinhoodAPI rh(sclient, fp_robinhood_042018);  // Declare API with fingerprint check

Using the API to get live stock values.

String stocksybl = "TSLA";
if(rh.getStockQuote(stocksybl)) {
  Serial.printf("Latest Price  : %.2f\n", rh.lastTradePrice());
  Serial.printf("Percent Change: %.2f%%\n", rh.percentDiff());