Integrating PM 2.5 sensor (VINDRIKTNING) into Home Assistant

ESPNow connectivity for the Ikea VINDRIKTNING Most of the code is borrored from Hypfer/esp8266-vindriktning-particle-sensor that uses an ESP8266 to read from GPIO14(RX) and send via ESPNow to a EspNow Server (check debsahu/ESPNowMQTT), which sends it out to a MQTT broker. Hardware IKEA VINDRIKTNING ($11.99) ESP8266 ($2.00) Dupount cables ($0.50) Soldering Iron & solder Connections 5V on VINDRIKTNING to 5V on ESP8266 VIN GND on VINDRIKTNING to GND on ESP8266 GND REST on VINDRIKTNING to GPIO14 on ESP8266 Original idea from Home Assistant Thread GitHub: Hypfer/esp8266-vindriktning-particle-sensor ESPHome code ESPHome PM1006 Example ESPHome Config/Code ESPNow code Source: GitHub: debsahu/esp8266-vindriktning-particle-sensor...

November 21, 2021 · Debashish Sahu

Energy Monitor | Emporia Vue in Home Assistant

Using Emporia Vue to monitor enegry usage of whole house and several branches in the house. Emporia Vue Home Assistant Intergration GitHub: magico13/ha-emporia-vue

November 14, 2021 · Debashish Sahu

Rainbird Irrigation into Home Assistant & Full tutorial on Winterization

Here I add WiFi LNK module to my ESP-TM2 Rainbird Irrigation System and add the Rainbird integration to Home Assistant. Once completed, I winterize the irrigation system for the coming winter.

November 7, 2021 · Debashish Sahu

WIO Terminal: Catan Die Roll TinyML

Machine Learning in WIO Terminal (Seeed Studio) to recognize shake and roll two die using True Random Number Generator (TRNG) GitHub: debsahu/WIOCatanDieRoll Objective When WIO is shaken it will roll two die signifying a turn on Settlers of Catan board game Die roll needs to be completely random uniform distribution Die roll must happen when device is shook vigorously Hardware WIO Terminal (Seeed Studio) USB-C cable Software WIOImuTap: Uses in-built IMU to look for double tap to roll 2 die using TRNG EdgeImpulse: Upload and train NN using sensor data on Edge Impulse, deployed on WIO with live classification on serial port....

September 22, 2021 · Debashish Sahu

Continuous Radon Sensing Using Airthings Wave

Radon Radon is everywhere, see map Naturally-occurring radioactive gas - causes lung cancer Inert, colorless and odorless Naturally in the atmosphere in trace amounts Outdoors: radon disperses rapidly Most radon exposure occurs inside homes, schools and workplaces Indoors: Radon gas becomes trapped indoors after it enters buildings through cracks and other holes in the foundation Can be controlled and managed with proven, cost-effective techniques Radon monitoring Hardware Airthings Wave Continuous radon monitoring Long term monitoring LEDs color – radon level Battery Operated Bluetooth BLE ESP32 - lolin D32 (can use any ESP32) MQTT Server - Mosquitto Software Python script to read values from Airthings Wave: Wave-Reader Home Assistant Custom Component: sensor....

August 23, 2021 · Debashish Sahu

Sending sensor data from ESP32 to InfluxDB | Local access - time-series database

Instead of sending data to services in the cloud, here we send sensor data to local InfluxDB database. Grafana is used to read data from InfluxDB and alert thresholds are set to send reactive alerts. InfluxDB Download and Installation: official docs Docker Download and Installation: official docs ESP32 connecting to WPA2-Enterprise Hardware ESP32 TTGo T-Energy SSD1306 OLED display BME280 sensor Software Dependencies Listed below are the dpendencies used by Arduino IDE, but use PlatformIO instead!...

March 15, 2021 · Debashish Sahu

Connect ESP32 to WPA2-Enterprise WiFi (eduroam: University of Michigan Wireless)

Walkthrough of minimal settings for ESP32 to connect to WPA2-Enterprise WiFi at University of Michigan (eduroam) GitHub: debsahu/Esp32_EduWiFi Minimal settings for ESP32 to connect to University of Michigan WiFi (MWireless/eduroam) MSetup Go to MSetup Log in using University of Michigan credentials Select Other Device and log in again if needed Enter Device Name, MAC Address, uniqname will already be selected, Advanced Options > Network Type > Internet Access After above settings are enterd, click on Register my device...

January 12, 2021 · Debashish Sahu

DIY Custom Holiday Gift | Wood Decor | 3D Printed Letters | Photo Hanger

Check out Canvasyvibes Art on the inspiration for this project. I use a stained cedar picket fence, 3D printed letters and photo clip to create a personalized holiday gift.

December 25, 2020 · Debashish Sahu

Blinking LEDs Using Inductive Qi Charger | No Batteries

Nothing new, trying to build something based on video on stranger parts We build a coil with magnet wire and connect them to a LED. The LED blinks when coil is placed on Qi charger.

December 21, 2020 · Debashish Sahu

Ultimate guide to permanent holiday lights using NeoPixels/WS2812B LEDs

Permanent holiday lights hardware and software setup using NeoPixels/WS2812B LEDs Hardware LEDs: Aluminum Channels: 18/2 wire: 18/3 wire: Control Box: 5v 60A Power Supply: 25ft extension cord: Wire nuts: BME280(optional): PCB: Software WELD - GitHub: Aircoookie/WLED WLED User-mod for BME/P 280:

December 13, 2020 · Debashish Sahu