Walkthrough of minimal settings for ESP32 to connect to WPA2-Enterprise WiFi at University of Michigan (eduroam)

GitHub: debsahu/Esp32_EduWiFi

Minimal settings for ESP32 to connect to University of Michigan WiFi (MWireless/eduroam)


  1. Go to MSetup

  2. Log in using University of Michigan credentials

  3. Select Other Device and log in again if needed

  4. Enter Device Name, MAC Address, uniqname will already be selected, Advanced Options > Network Type > Internet Access msetup After above settings are enterd, click on Register my device

  5. Note the expiry date of this registration, one can renew on a annual basis

WiFi: eduroam

  1. Do NOT follow instructions from here

  2. The correct instructions for ESP32 can be found here

  3. Download the Intermediate root certificate and open using text editor like Notepad++

  4. Copy contents of the certificate into incommon_ca, current contents are valid until 2024(But this can be changed without notice) rootca

  5. Enter full umich email address into EAP_IDENTITY and umich password into EAP_PASSWORD identity

  6. Connect to eduroam 2.4 GHz WiFi on campus ssid