NeoPixel Painter Draw Using LEDs on Thin Air

Exploiting low light photography with long exposure to paint in thin air using NeoPixels LED strips. Here we send real-time data using the E1.31 sACN protocol to a ESP8266 code: that displays strips of pictures over time. These bright lights are registered on the sensors of camera yielding out of the world photos!

December 23, 2018 · Debashish Sahu

E1.31 Pixel Pusher: Sending E1.31 UDP Data to ESP8266 Displayed on NeoPixels

Here we try to push E1.31 UDP data received wirelessly via ESP8266 and pushed to NeoPixel in the fastest way possible. Other projects with E1.31 support: GitHub: forkineye/ESPixelStick GitHub: Aircoookie/WLED GitHub: toblum/McLighting I also demonstrate how to setup and use Jinx!, ledfx and xLights GitHub: debsahu/E131_PixelPusher Minimalistic Async code around Async E131 for ESP8266/ESP32 Completely Async Web-interface to set starting universe, unicast/umulticast, total number of universes WiFiManager Captive Portal to get WiFi credentials (Compile with -DUSE_EADNS for ESP8266) Subscribes to E131 multicast Connect RX/GPIO3 to DIN of NeoPixel strip, and any PIN (<GPIO32) specified for ESP32 Upload included firmware....

December 19, 2018 · Debashish Sahu