Arduino library connecting to the AWS IoT service from an ESP8266 using websockets and MQTT.

GitHub: debsahu/esp8266-arduino-aws-iot-ws

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Arduino Library derived from joekickass/esp8266-arduino-aws-iot-ws to work with Arduino


arduinoWebSockets comm impl
PahoMQTT comm impl
ArduinoJSON 6.5.0-beta

Headers from joekickass/esp8266-arduino-aws-iot-ws

Library for connecting to the AWS IoT service from an ESP8266 using websockets. Authenticates using AWS IAM credentials and sigV4.

Based on the work of AWS labs, basically using its SigV4 implementation and a fork by Sander van de Graaf. The fork is reflected in the License.

Inspired by Fábio Toledos work on aws-mqtt-websockets, but using libraries accessible through the PlatformIO library manager. This is actually the main reason for creating the library.

Adds MQTT functionality using the Paho library. It is fairly easy to replace with another MQTT client, e.g. PubSubClient.


Big thanks to Fábio Toledo for his work on aws-mqtt-websockets. Any credit should be directed to him and the authors of the libraries used in this project.

The library uses code from the following projects. License information can be found in the NOTICE file:

In the case of missing license information, I took the liberty of adding it.